Siberian FAQs

We have compiled some of the questions most commonly asked of us, here at Barynuk. If you have a question please feel free to send an email to Barry.

Q. I live in the Southern U.S., is the weather too hot for me to own a Siberian Husky?
A. No, the Siberian's coat acts as an insulator. It protects the dog from heat as well as cold. You should not shave a Siberian's coat in the summer. It leaves them susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer. As with any breed of dog, they should be provided with adequate shade and water, especially when outside in hot climates.
Q. I was told at the pet store that Siberians don't shed. Is this true?
A. No, it seems the pet store was uninformed or just giving you a line to make a sale. You would not believe the amount of hair that can come off a 40 pound dog! Siberians will shed heavily once or twice a year, depending on climate and light conditions. The undercoat will begin to loosen and take on a tufted appearance. Once this occurs the hair comes out in tremendous amounts. Regular brushing and bathing can help keep the majority of the hair off the floor and out of your dinner.
Q. I got my Siberian from the pound. Her eyes are clear blue. Does this mean she's purebred?
A. No, there many breeds other than Siberians that can have blue or partly blue eyes. Eye color is no guarantee of her lineage. Whereas blue eyes are not uncommon in purebred Siberians, their eyes can also be brown, amber, parti or even bi-eyed.
Q. I was told that Red Siberians are very rare and cost more than other colors. What should I pay for a Red?
A. Red is in no way rare in Siberian Huskies. The coat color in and of itself is unimportant in the Breed's Standard. You should never pay more than the cost of any other pet or show quality dog out of the litter.