Camp Barynuk

Camp Barynuk was initiated when numerous owners of Barynuk Siberians would call to discuss nightmare situations they had encountered when kenneling their "kids". It was very disheartening to hear these stories and that is how and when Camp Barynuk came to be. Because this is not a regular boarding kennel, Camp Barynuk is limited to Any and All Siberians whose place of birth was, of course, BARYNUK.

Initially there was no charge involved. However, due to the overwhelming number of Campers that first year, reality dictated the need for change. There is now a $25.00 per day Camp Fee, whether Campers arrive or depart early or late in the day.

The following camping gear is required:

  • The Camper's own individual food and food dish (can be provided by Barynuk).
  • Favorite Toys, etc. (can be provided by Barynuk).
  • Crate, if possible.
  • Copy of current shot records.
  • Contact numbers where "Mom" and "Dad" can be reached.
  • Phone number of the Camper's personal veterinarian.
  • Brief description of any specific medications, vitamins, or playtime requests.

Most of all we hope the Barynuk Campers will resume life after vacation WITHOUT trauma and WITH Great Camp Memories.