About Barynuk Siberian Huskies

"Barynuk Siberians" is located in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. Barynuk Siberians has been an incredible team effort headed by Barry Brunner for over 34 years. The many "friends" and "family members" of Barynuk that continually pursue the betterment of our beloved breed make up the rest of a well rounded team.

Barry was raised in a home where dogs were actual members of the family. He jokes with his parents, who still have one Siberian, that they treat their dogs better than they ever treated their children. However, if Barry had children, he's sure they would be telling him the exact same thing. Barry was always active in sports and the family Siberians enabled him to share his love of sports with his love of dogs. Barry bikes and exercises the dogs and keeps each one in their optimum physical condition. Due to his parents ideologies, Barry was late showing his dogs. His parents felt Dog Shows were inhumane, and the mere mention of someone "crating" their dog would bring anger to their faces. Years later Barry met some wonderful people who showed their Siberians. He soon learned, and later his parents realized through him, that:

  1. You can have Show Dogs who are members of the family.
  2. You can crate your dogs at specific times with absolutely no inhumane consequences and actually obtain many positive results.

Life is certainly a learning experience, and you can learn as much from your dogs as they can learn from you. If you keep an open mind and a loving heart, the learning never stops.

Barry is honored to be a member of the Lancaster Kennel Club, The Siberian Husky Club of America (S.H.C.A.), and the International Siberian Husky Club.

Club memberships can be invaluable sources of experienced knowledge. Clubs are composed of networks of people in specific locations or even around the world who share many similar interests. If you don't have the desire to join a club, information is always made available by the clubs for the general public. Never hesitate to contact your Local Kennel Club or a "Breed Specific" National Club to obtain information that might well enhance the life you and your dog share.


  • Jill Kennedy Wolens — for allowing us to "borrow" information from her Web Page, and just for being "her".
  • Brian Flory — for his expert handling abilities, and tireless efforts with each Barynuk Siberian.
  • Bryan Kardisco — for his enthusiasm and expertise in the actual creation and initial maintenance of this web site.
  • Dr. Calvin Clements — for his expertise and vision that enable Barynuk Siberians to reach their full potential.
  • Reba Rhodes and Joanne Simpson — for many fond memories.
  • Sheila Quattrocchi — for her helpful insights into the world of dog showing and the warmth and sincerity of her friendship.